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Root Canal in shalimar bagh

What is Root Canal Treatment?

RCT is a safe treatment option for a tooth which has been decayed upto 3rd layer or a fractured, broken tooth or a tooth which has developed pus and swelling at its base. This treatment is an alternative to Extraction.

What is the procedure for RCT?

During Treatment, the pulp is removed from the root canals (spaces in roots) through a small opening in a crown. The empty canals are cleaned with medicine and liquid solutions. Then the tooth and its canals are filled by a filling material.

How many sittings are required?

It can be done in a single sitting or 2 to 3 sittings depending on the tooth, the grade of infections and swelling.

Why to cover the Root Canal treated tooth with a cap?

Root Canal treated tooth should always be covered with a cap on it, as after the pulp tissue is removed from the centre part of the tooth, the tooth structure becomes weak, and may break any time. So enjoy long life of the tooth by a cap.